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WizKid’s fashion and style

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WizKid’s fashion and style  

Wizkid by OU Mackson
Wizkid by OU Mackson


One of the biggest names in music industry, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, is known widely as a singer yet he makes headlines in the fashion industry as well, because of his dress-up sense, style and fashion knowledge.

The ‘Holla at your boy‘ star has distinguished himself from many other fashion stars as he is the face of streetwear and African print in the world. His style has however projected him to perform on global runways with worlds famous models like Naomi Campbell, Tinie Tempah and Devidson Obennebo who happen to be Nigerians, mind you, Naomi Campbell is a true Nigerian at heart.

It is true that clothes are basically worn to insulate against cold or hot conditions, provide a hygienic barrier and to protect the body from ultraviolet radiation but there is more to it which is fashion and style and Wizkid understands it.

Below are the importance of fashion, style and dress-up.

Wizkid is at the top of fashion chart for three (3) reasons:

  1. Wizkid understands Fashion

Fashion has to do with knowing trendy and latest clothes, shoes, caps etc. And you can say for a fact that Wizkid is a fashionista in that effect, he knows the trends even before they becomes popular.

  1. WizKid has the attitude for style

As fashion is knowing clothes that are on trend, style however is having the attitude to wear them in your own way, in other words, fashion is about clothes while style is about attitude, carriage and confidence while in those trending clothes, shoes etc. Talk of guts to rock the most resent and trending clothes, Wizkid is on the top list.

  1. Dress-up

Last but not the least is dress-up, which in this context means how often you are seen looking good or perceived to appear with proper clothes and attitude to backup how you are dressed. This is where Wizkid leads. 

Most of the time you may find Wizkid in shows, interviews or having fun without upper clothes but his charisma, shoes, trousers and jewelries he has on will show you just how fashionable and confident he is. You can not catch BigWiz unaware when it comes to dress-up which is why he is one of the biggest names in both music and fashion industry and the face of streetwear and African Print in Nigeria and the world at large.

 In conclusion, fashion, is definitely as important as anything we find important and should be given attention as an integral part of our lives.

Our society as a people have always paid attention to just clothing and not necessarily being fashionable which is not a positive tool in the fashion world we live in today.

This article today about Wizkid and his wins in the fashion industry should teach you that fashion isn’t limited but can be used as a medium to show what you stand for, aid in honoring your faith or values, make a statement about your personality and attitude.

 Note: Know what trends, have the confidence to wear them the best way you feel comfortable and always show up looking good in what ever you chose to wear as it reflects who you really are from the inside.

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O U Mackson's profile: O U Mackson, born Ozuruonye Mackson Uchenwa is a Nigerian journalist, filmmaker, talent manager entrepreneur and the founder the talent promotion company O U ENTERTAINMENTS and CEO O U Mackson. OU Mackson manages O U Entertainments, a media company with undaunted pedigree in talent promo & media contents

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