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Why Korede Bello Got Kicked out of Limelight -OU Mackson 

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Why Korede Bello Got Kicked out of Limelight –OU Mackson

Korede Bello


“If it’s not broken, why fix it? A popular saying goes. Korede Bello changed his sound after his ‘God win’ song. ‘Why? You had a good career with great sound, why change your sound?’ Fans are not that patient, if you must change your sound make sure it’s close to what you use to sound like and it should be better, if not they will jakpa! and leave you to enjoy your new sound alone.

Korede Bello has been trying out different sounds after the hit which is bad for business. Korede was doing absolutely well in Mavin and had hits there, ‘Why change your sound after leaving the record label ?’ Korede should have learnt from his senior colleagues; 2face, Wizkid, P Square, Davido, Flavour and others, they have maintained their sounds for so long and might not change it at all.


One of the disadvantages of changing your sound as a Nigerian artist is that your fans may not like your new sound and it might take you as long as it took you to be popular in the first place, to start getting acceptance and recognition but in Korede’s case, it didn’t work. The Nigerian music industry is huge and there are loads of talents and sounds that sound alike, so once an artiste changes his sound, his fans move to the next instantly.


Stars whose sounds are accepted and successful in the music market don’t think about changing their sounds at all and that was a big mistake Korede Bello made.


However, it is not totally bad to experiment with different sounds. Some artistes have done it and succeeded But the time has to be just right and with the right songs as well.

If you jump around sounds you might just fade off quickly.


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‘I have been fortunate to be part of the artistes who have benefitted from the recent spread of the Afrobeats gospel. I feel like I’m one of the first people to experience the global impact of the Afrobeats with ‘Do Like That’ in 2016 or 2017. And even ‘Micasa Sucasa’ during the lockdown’


It has benefited me and it is still benefiting me. I’m happier and more grateful that it is benefiting the industry as a whole. That for me is the joy and not necessarily the optics. People have had it and will still have it after you. The fact that music no longer has borders; that freedom for music to travel brings me joy’


I don’t understand the joy it brings to Korede that his sound is celebrated worldwide and he is lost in trying out unknown sounds. I believe Korede Bello lost his fan base and popularity today  was because of wrong choice of alternative sound, no advisers and bad management.

Well, we still love you Korede and will support you anytime you choose to sound better.

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