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moyo babe on ou entertainments. by ou mackson

Who is Moyo Lawal?

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Who is Moyo Lawal?

moyo baby by O U Mackson
Moyo babe on O U Entertainments. by OU Mackson


Moyo Lawal who is popularly known as Moyo Baby is one of Nollywood’s finest actresses who’s controversies have shielded the eyes of many from seeing how talented the actress is. 

Moyo Baby is one of the most controversial actresses in Nollywood and Nigerian entertainment at large. 

One of Moyo’s biggest controversies is the size of her butts. Moyo’s Bum goes viral every now and again. The actress is so curvy that her fans doubt that she did not go under the knife. Amidst the rumors, the actress shared a video of herself in the gym doing squats and said. ‘No!!! I haven’t done any surgery, booty implants, or taken bills or booty creams, it was my mama who gave me, however, I do a lot of squats, so you can try it’ a lot of fans still don’t believe her and Moyo baby’s butts is still a sensational topic on the internet till tomorrow. 


Moyo Lawal’s second big topic was when she uploaded her nude photo on her Instagram to promote some of her cosmetic brands, the internet was on fire and a lot of Nigerians gave her a piece of their mind which also made her lose a lot of followers on Instagram. A lot of her colleagues came online to condemn the act saying that her action dragged Nollywood as an institution through the mud.   


A Nollywood actor wrote:


”But why? Is this necessary? Have you forgotten this is Africa and not America?…��� @moyolawalofficial Honestly, I think you are a fantastic actress and colleague, more so, I feel you have so much potential in you. I have always liked your films and applauded you when necessary… But my P. A just showed me this on @instablog9ja and I felt so bad. The first question that came to mind is, do you realize you are in Nigeria and not America? Maybe you don’t get it, but in Africa, especially in Nigeria, we have culture and tradition. Over there in America, anything goes! There is no need for this, and I just hope you also know that these pics will be on the internet for a very long time because every single thing we do is always well stored and saved on the internet. Probably, there will be a time in the future when these pics might not really look that attractive to you anymore, in fact, you’ll wish you never took it… That’s the reality of it all. Kim Kadashian is an African woman, she lives in a society that allows nudity and sees showing parts of a woman’s body without any dress on as the new fashion. Over here in Nigeria, a woman’s body, her unclothedness is priceless, in fact, it’s so priceless that it should only be seen by her #husband. Truth is, every man loves to look at naked pics or pics of a woman showing off her body without clothes…��� It’s sexy and hot, but how many Nigerian men would want the whole world to see their wife’s body like that?


Some others called her names and that was finally laid to rest.

moyo baby
moyo baby by ou mackson

Netizens woke up one morning in September to a sex tape of Moyo Lawani and the internet was up in flames, everyone was sharing and expressing their disappointment in the actress while others were disappointed that the man in the viral video underperformed. 

A fan wrote: “you see fresh babe like this you no fit do anything, you fall our hand bros, if na me her leg for dey shake’ many


Another user @, Peewince1 wrote, “She wants to trend. She is aware of the video na. The video is short sha.

“My only problem is, you know you’re a star, why did you allow him to record you during s£x?? That’s Too LAM£ !!.” @ShadrackAmonooC quarried.

“All this thing na set up. She released it on purpose and paid the people who are currently circulating it. All for clout that will bring popularity. We know this game.” @viccetti opined. 

@ToyosiBarbie tweeted, “She knew it was recorded, she just wants the attention and we are giving it to her already.”

At the peak of the ugly situation, the Nigerian online diggers association dug up an old video of the actress discussing sex. In the video, Moyo Baby disclosed that sex is the last thing that anyone can try to use to drag her down. And that settled it in the minds of many that the video was intentional and was actually leaked by the actress.

Is Moyo Lawal a good actress?

Moyo Lawal who is popularly known as Moyo Baby is one of Nollywood’s finest actresses, she is talented and was nominated for best actress in a lead role- Yorube in 2018 and won ‘Revelation of the Year award at Best of Nollywood awards in 2012.

Films By Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal has acted in more than 20 films namely: Holding Hope, A Time to Heal, A Toast to Heartbreak, Amem and Angie, Madam’s PA, Tangled Web, Mistresses, Cloud of Pain, Big Gals on Campus, Desperate Baby Mama, Millennium Parents, Parents’ Guards, The bridal shower, Never love a Prince, Thanks for coming, Judas’ Game, Demystified, Her Love Lies and other. Moyo Lawal also acted in TV series like Tinsel, Super Story, Jenifer’s Diary, Shadow Waters, Binta and Friends, and Flatmates.  

Moyo Lawal’s Popular Movies

Moyo Lawal is popular for Demystified which she acted in 2012, Her Love Lies which she acted in 2023, and The Bridal Shower which she acted in 2018

The Badagry-born has been through a lot in the entertainment industry and has always come out bigger and better. 

Moyo Lawal is our celebrity of the Week and we are proud to announce her as the face of O U Entertainments of the week.

moyo baby
moyo baby by ou mackson

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