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What you should learn from James Brown.

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What everyone should learn from James Brown

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James Brown

James Brown is a smart business guy and that is what you should learn from him. I stand to be corrected but go through this statistics about him.


Coming out of prison in 2018 on the allegation of being gay, James Brown granted interviews on several media platforms sharing his experience, and was on every blog for a blunder “did they caught me? They didn’t caught me” I don’t call that a blunder but a calculated accuracy which brought him to limelight.


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James Brown arrested 


James Brown soon became popular and realizes how fast rising the cross-dressing industry was moving, and he made it his hustle by affiliating Bobrisky who is a key player in the industry, and that went viral again.


James Brown plays his card well as a crossdresser and that kept putting him in people’s faces for so many reasons. Baba started cashing out on all of us and stated living his best life.


Gossip mill and gistlover carries JAMES on their head and that made him even more popular and people didn’t stop talking. That actracted brands and endorsement deals.

A larger percentage of people found him very irritating but that was his strength.


He went hard with his cross-dressing and jumping on trends, while at that, it was visible that he was upgrading himself.

James Brown invested his efforts in staying relevant in the industry.


He created another trend for himself as “princess of Africow” lol, that guy is smart. More is yet to come that I’m sure.


Anytime he is about to sign a big deal, knowing well that he will need a lot of traffic to sell the brand, he comes up with a new strategy to be at everyone’s mouth. An example was months back when he planned different surprise dates for himself, from getting a food tray and love letter from a secret admirer, to going out on dates with the so called admirer, of which we all know it was all planned by him, that got him a big deal after that trend.


Just of recent, his s.ê.x tape was leaked and got people talking again. While people were busy bashing and making jest of him, either by hook or by crook James gained a lot of traffic to his name and cashed out big time. He came to say he wasn’t a sent and who ever is should cast the stone and mufasa king Tundeednut carried that one on his head like hot Agege bread and that melted hearts.


Days after, our princess of “Africow” shocked us with super pictures of himself in fantastic male outfits just to give people a change of topic. Now baba just banged a big deal with a crypto currency company and that’s a huge one.

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James Brown

This guy is focused and is a good definition of ‘taking calculated steps’. Dude is about growth and cashing out. His team are doing an amazing job.


He keeps emphasizing on his dreams of becoming a successful business man, while you laugh and use his HIV status against him, guy is planning on what strategy to use next, to attract and retain attention.


He is very much aware of where he is coming from, so he is dedicated to following his process.


Ever since he came into limelight, you will never see him going angry or identified with ‘big people’ I mean people love to be identified with key players in the industry, but James Brown doesn’t give 1 F about any of them.

If he is not creating content with his bestie Tobithecreator then he is doing one digdung with his sister or close friends or he is featuring in one comedy skit strictly on business.


He is upgrading with time and keeping it rea. Trust me, someone in James Brown shoes would have gotten carried away or distracted.

James will not look for trouble, but if trouble finds him, he will use it to cash out big time.


He either sell the cross-dresser personality to cash out or the fashionista or even the content creator personality to cash out.

At first it was annoying but now, you don’t want to guess the caliber of people following him and even finding him really interesting.


Guys, social media has come to stay and James is part of it.

While others are here for the cruise and vawulence, others are here to satisfy that hunger for cruise that you crave while they cash out, that’s James Brown.


I think I am liking James Brown’s bravery, don’t you?


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