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The Success Of Ukraine Fashion Industry by ou mackson

The Success Of Ukraine Fashion Industry- ou mackson

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The Success Of Ukraine Fashion Industry by ou mackson
The Success Of Ukraine Fashion Industry by ou mackson

The Success Of Ukraine Fashion Industry

The Ukrainian fashion industry is one of the fastest rising industries in the world and one if the most talked about as its styles and mostly traditional wears are making its way into the New York Fashion Shows, Milan, Paris, UAE, USA, France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and of course, Ukraine through the immense selfless contribution of Fashion Giant in the country. Vita Kin who has also contributed so much with her designs, Olena Dats and many more and the Ukrainian designs are top choices for local and international Hollywood stars like Adele, Dita Von Teese, and Demi Moore.

Ienki Ienki is one of ukraine’s must progressive brands, created in 2016 by Kyiv designer Dmytro Levenko. The brand which is more of an outerwear and has been carried from the very beginning by French, British, American and Chinese retailers, who all noticed his uncompromising quality and brave design. Now Ienki Ienki has a presence in 30 countries, and celebrities like Julianne Moore and Kourtney Kardashian proudly wear it.
Ienki Ienki was recently featured in Harper’s Bazaar UK, Wallpaper Magazine, The Daily Mail, Vogue US, and many other magazines.
lenki lenki

Lilia Litkovskaya is another Ukrainian designers who has done a lot of things in the Ukrainian fashion industry. Lilia known for her taste for bold shapes, refined tailoring and craft in fashion scene. She founded the brand LITKOVSKAYA in 2006 and, like many designers, became famous overseas in 2014 after the Revolution of Dignity.
LITKOVSKAYA has proven that her style is good enough to be celebrated and is here to stay.
In 2017 her brand was one of the top sensations in Paris during its Fashion Week and it has since been doing well on the runways and on the streets too.

Ivan Frolov, a Kyiv-based designer, has been working professionally on clothes creation since 14. Starting as a constructor’s assistant at Zakharova studio the designer continues as a constructor at Patoka STUDIO, a stylist at TV projects of 1+1 media holding, a costume artist
Ivan pulled off his first fashion show in 2013 during Ukrainian Fashion Week and immediately became popular for his provocative style, Thus, emerged in the same year (2013) as the winner of the Grand Prix of the 14th all-Ukrainian contest among young clothing designers and has stood as another strong name in the ukrainian fashion industry and appeared during the China International Import Expo.
There was also show in Paris to celebrate the brand.

Elena Burenina is a veteran designer in Ukraine. she established her brand in 2006, becoming the first popular designer in Ukraine; soon, she was debuting various fashion weeks abroad. She is the first designer from Ukraine to put on a show at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week in 2018.

The above names are not in any particular order and are just a few from the very big names in fashion and design housed in Ukraine.

The Success Of Ukraine Fashion Industry by ou mackson
The Success Of Ukraine Fashion Industry by ou mackson

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