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Meet and greet with P London: Sunny Neji Still Making History -OU Mackson

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Meet and greet with P London: Sunny Neji Still Making History –OU Mackson

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Sunny Neji who led the Nigerian music scene in the 1990s and 2000s with hit songs like ‘Oruka’, ‘Mr. Fantastik’, ‘Ikebe go put you for Wahala’,‘Tolotolo’, and more, was at Ambassador P London’s Meet and greet event and still had that crowd control of his ruling years.


The veteran singer was the chief guest and patron at the event and he performed his hit song Tolo and a few other hits.


Sunny Neji’s performance made everyone dance. A large crowd went to meet him as they danced beside the stage while spraying him with money.

The fans were so happy to see him after a long time of being away from the public eye.

The Cross River State star who was born in Lagos, made his debut album (Captain) in 1991, and it remained top selling for years. If only the music distribution platforms were available at that time Sunny Neji’s toloto hit song would have rested on the top chart for a very long time.


Veteran musician, Sunny Neji, said he stepped aside from the music scene to reinvent a direction and think deeper now before writing new hit songs. He also said he is trying to also redefine a more inspirational path before he writes a new song to connect with people at a different level.


Baba Sunny Neji said some of his songs are considered to be very successful but there are still some of his songs that have not got enough accolades as they should. In his words, ‘Some of my deep materials have not received so much accolade; maybe because they didn’t get the kind of promotion the other ones got. “One of my recent songs called ‘Aeroplane turner’ is a highly philosophical song that if Nigerians listen to it they will understand what I’m talking about.


One of Sunny Neji’s hottest hits is “Oruka” . It’s forever green. The song talks about societal issues, family issues, relationship issues.

sunny neji
sunny neji

The Oruka crooner said he is getting more active on social media as it is the new marketplace for artists.


Mr Fantastic still got a lot going on, his performance at P London’s Meet and greet is proof the man is still a vibrant entertainer.



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