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OU Mackson Talks About Modeling

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OU Mackson Talks On Modeling

Ou Mackson
OU Mackson


A model may refer to any person who is employed in order to advertise, promote or market either products or services but to Mackson, it’s part of being fashionable.


The Nigerian journalist, filmmaker and talent manager confirmed his love for modeling and how it has helped him communicate better with models in his agency.


‘I love modeling and it has always been a part of my everyday expression. You would also notice how it has shaped me for better understanding of the models I have here when I address them professionally.’

he said. The today 29 years old also admitted to not having any professional training or endorsement in modeling but only hopes to get some sort of recognition in modeling someday.


When asked his professional advice to models, this is what he had to say.


‘I know I am not a professional model and don’t stand a great chance to advise professional models, however, with my experiences in training and grooming models, I always have five (5) points to discuss with them.


1. Know that you are beautiful, irrespective.


The world interprets being beautiful as possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind. I rather define beauty as the concept of self satisfaction and being confident in your own skin and body. Being self confident and being aware of your uniqueness adds positively to one’s modeling career.


2. Know when to obey or disobey your body. It is important for models to understand their body and know when their body needs a refresh, rest or more work.


3. Confidence, happiness, intelligence and dignity are the qualities of a model most importantly dignity. Therefore, no chose your jobs wisely and always remember there is a life after modeling.


4. Being beautiful isn’t an escape route from life’s challenges.

It is true that society tends to favour the beautiful, however, there are some pretty major disadvantages that come with being beautiful like; being disliked or shunned for walking around with a pretty face. Every model or aspiring model should build their mind to tolerate and manage such situations.


5. Modeling isn’t just for anybody

Your success in the Modeling industry depends greatly on your passion for the act. People who don’t have passion for modeling certainly quit in times of failure and challenges that comes with modeling, so, don’t go into modeling because you think you have a pretty face and hot body but because that is a path you have chosen for yourself. Thank you’

He also hinted on working on a few modeling projects asides the ‘Face Of Entertainment’ pageantry show.

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O U Mackson's profile: O U Mackson, born Ozuruonye Mackson Uchenwa is a Nigerian journalist, filmmaker, talent manager entrepreneur and the founder the talent promotion company O U ENTERTAINMENTS and CEO O U Mackson. OU Mackson manages O U Entertainments, a media company with undaunted pedigree in talent promo & media contents

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