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Forget procrastination! Stop giving excuses! by ou mackson

Forget procrastination! Stop giving excuses!

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Forget procrastination! Stop giving excuses!

That low-budget phone you are using can handle your business if it’s well utilized. You have dreams of being a professional photographer but you fail to train yourself from now, downgrading your camera quality and waiting till you get a bigger, better one when there are millions of editing apps online at your reach.

You aspire to be a profound writer but you ha𝗍e the traditional method of writing, claiming it’s too stressful, and instead of choosing from the multitude of notepads online to simplify your writing, you’d rather stay idle, hoping and wishing for a miracle laptop to fall from heaven while your ideas waste away EVERY. PASSING. SECOND!

You’re a budding, promising baker, skilled in preparing mouthwatering confectioneries, but rather than advertising your products, you sit and wait, praying for a divine iPhone 13 Pro Max to appear so clients can see quality pictures and trust in you. Just dey play o! 👍🏻

There’s nothing stopping you from achieving greatness, no matter what field of interest you fall in. I’m a writer myself, proud to own at least three successful books, and none of them were written on a fancy iPad or laptop whatsoever. It took sleepless nights and long days of brainstorming, blood, sweat, joy, pain and prayers to achieve them. I can’t count how many expensive Higher Education notebooks and biros I bought to draft out novels before I realized an alternative on smartphones.

Same way I don’t own a tablet or a stylus, yet I keep dropping fire art, improving myself daily until I get them. I sing and rap too, but you won’t see me waiting to raise money for studio sessions when there are good alternatives like Bandlab mobile to record freestyles and Inshot/Kinemaster to edit my videos.

It’s just common sense to make do of what you’ve got until you get to where you really want to be. There’s really nothing limiting you but YOU… your MINDSET!

If you believe your little beginning is not worth a shot and you’d rather wait for bigger opportunities before taking action on your life, then cool, I respect that. You do you. 👍🏻

But if you’re like me who grabs the bull by the balls and stares fear in the fᴜcking eye, I honestly can’t wait to see you at the top, champ! 🙌🏻

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O U Mackson's profile: O U Mackson, born Ozuruonye Mackson Uchenwa is a Nigerian journalist, filmmaker, talent manager entrepreneur and the founder the talent promotion company O U ENTERTAINMENTS and CEO O U Mackson. OU Mackson manages O U Entertainments, a media company with undaunted pedigree in talent promo & media contents

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