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Dandizzy: King Of Freestyle -OU Mackson

DanDizzy: King Of Freestyle -OU Mackson


Guys, No one does it better! Dandizzy is the best in freestyle. No one else; Not anyone we know in the Nigerian entertainment industry or any other African country. I won’t call names but dem no reach!




DanDizzy is the best freestyler in Nigeria, he has conquered the Nigerian streets and has no competitors anywhere in Africa, at least none we know of. DanDizzy is therefore the King of freestyle in Nigeria and Africa.

I know in your minds you are all saying ‘No o! Vector the viper is the king of Nigerian rap’ vector the viper na baba for some classy rap, but leave street rap and freestyle for Dizzy.

Guys, we don’t care to know about others on other continents but here in Africa, we give it to DanDizzy. Have you all seen his stage freestyle with the viper? Please enjoy the video below.


Remember OU Entertainments cares solemnly about your enjoyment and the content we have to share about Dizzy will convince you.


27 years ago, Daniel Tuotamuno Darius better known by his stage name DanDizzy was born in Opobo in Rivers State Nigeria. DanDizzy started his music career in 2009 and became popular as a freestyler in Nigeria in 2013 after emerging severally as the best freestyler in Port-Harcourt and in the entire eastern part of Nigeria.


Dizzy has lyrically frustrated every artist or freestyler who has ever challenged him to a freestyle battle, Guys, I am taking of Lords in the game like; Ice Prince, Laycon, Sarkodie, Vector, Magnito, Zlatan, Ycee, CDQ, and so many others.

Dandizzy with ice princess


The most recent was with 2Baba himself, The way Dan Dizzy picked words from every of 2Baba’s moves to freestyle and his transitions between his bars left 2face dumbfounded. 2Baba twalee! for Dizzy.


However, if you are a freestyle rapper and believe you can challenge your undisputed king of freestyle (Dizzy) you can reach us (OU Entertainments) to set a date with DanDizzy so you sef go collect wotowoto.


Meanwhile, we have had situations where some freestylers come and say they are freestyle baddest and lyrical beasts only to meet DanDizzy and realize they were merely freestyle maimai, maimai mma Eliza for that matter.


What interests everyone about Dizzy is how he keeps the crowd really connected as his style is to visit different motor parks and universities in different cities in Nigeria where he connects people to his entertaining freestyle; travelers, hawkers, and passersby, funny enough, most people know him on every street and he doesn’t find it difficult to carry every audience along.



Anyone who has tried a road show or who has organized a show in the market or motor pack would understand the task and how frustrating it can be because in that crowd are people who want to be noticed for one yeye thing they are doing or saying or people who just don’t like you at all for no reason but DanDizzy manages to keep everyone calm and happy, that’s a divine talent.

M.I Abaga, Olamide, Vector D Viper, Reminisce, and other Rap ‘gods’ are good o! But can they stand Dandizzy in freestyle? This OG doesn’t think of what to say bro!, he just dishes out flows and it’s all fire-fire!

How many powerful rhythms and rhymes can any of them lace around random words and activities happening instantly as they freestyle and hold it down for 30 minutes?


Dan Dizzy was at a show called ‘ShowOff’ by Klef. The show is curated to experience the talents of prominent rappers. The show has hosted MI, Vector, and many others but Dizzy’s performance was breathtaking,

Klef said “This is the best ‘SHOWOFF’ show ever! I said it.”

See for yourself below.


The king of street freestyle (Dizzy) may not be on every TV screen yet, but he will be in our hearts for as long as it takes us to get him on every screen..Aje!


This king of freestyle has a lot of hot songs you all should listen to.

If you are a fan of good rap music or Nigerian rap music you will wound have heard his newest hits and thrilling singles.




O U Mackson's profile: O U Mackson, born Ozuruonye Mackson Uchenwa is a Nigerian journalist, filmmaker, talent manager entrepreneur and the founder the talent promotion company O U ENTERTAINMENTS and CEO O U Mackson. OU Mackson manages O U Entertainments, a media company with undaunted pedigree in talent promo & media contents

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