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Wizkid should never be compared to Rema -ou mackson.

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 Wizkid should never be compared to Rema  –ou mackson.


A lot of people are comparing Rema and Wizkid because of his performance at the 2023 Ballon d’or ceremony which is an annual football award presented by French news magazine France football since 1956. Some people even went as far as saying Rema is now bigger than Wizkid.

Rema whose real name is Divine Ikubor is a Nigerian singer and he is well known both in Nigeria and internationally while Wizkid whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is also one Nigeria’s most recognized and successful musician both in Nigeria and abroad.

In this article we will be talking about some of the reasons why Rema shouldn’t be compared to Wizkid. Both WIzkid and Rema have received numerous awards and accolades throughout their music career. However comparing both artists can be unwise for several reasons, while both artists are incredibly talented and have made significant contributions to the music industry with their talents, there are some differences between them that makes comparisons unwise and ridiculous.

Genre differences

The two artists have different musical genres and tastes.They also have distinct musical sounds, styles and creative approaches. Wizkid is known for afrobeats, afro swing, reggae and dancehall influences while Rema is known for afrobeats, trap, afropop, Hip Hop and R&B.

Career phases

Wizkid has been in the music industry for a longer period than Rema. He has more experience in music and he has been recognized as one of African biggest music stars globally before Rema started his music career. While Rema, although very talented and eminent, is still in the early phase of his career. Comparing an established artist to an artist in the early stage of his career is unwise and unfair.

Awards and accolades

Another reason why the two artists shouldn’t be compared is that, although the two stars have had their fair share of awards in the past, Wizkid has more awards than Rema. Some of Wizkid’s awards are: MOBO Awards, BET Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA), Headies Awards, Grammy Awards, Soundcity MVP Awards,MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA), Nigerian Entertainments Awards (NEA), All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA). Some of Rema’s Awards are Nigerian Entertainments Awards (NEA), Headies Award, African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA), Soundcity MVP Awards.

Impact and legacy

Wizkid and Rema’s impact on the Nigerian and African music industry are undeniable. However Wizkid has helped shape the contemporary sound of afrobeats and has been a pioneer in taking African music to the international stage long before Rema came to the limelight. Comparing his impact and legacy to a newbie like Rema is inappropriate.

Shows and performance

Wizkid has been hosting and performing in shows long before Rema, He has more experience in that area than Rema who is just building his career. Comparing the amount of shows or their performances during shows is equally inappropriate.


People’s preferences in music vary widely. Some of Wizkid’s fans might not enjoy Rema’s music and vice versa. Comparing both artists based on personal preferences or favoritism to one of the artists may not lead to meaningful conclusions.

Evolving Careers

Both Rema and Wizkid are likely to change as their careers progress. They may experiment with different music themes, genres and styles. Comparing them may not accurately reflect their long-term artistic journeys.


Wizkid has more collaborations in the music industry than Rema. It is unwise to compare the legend to a rookie.

We at ou entertainments believe that it is part of human nature to compare, however it’s important to recognize that Wizkid and Rema have their own unique qualities and contributions to the music industry and it is necessary to celebrate and appreciate both artist’s talents rather than making unnecessary comparisons that may not be fair to their respective careers.

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