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How to look healthy and attractive with your natural look.

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How to look healthy and attractive with your natural look.

The allure of makeup is undeniable but looking natural and beautiful is one of the major boost of confidence anyone could have.

Emulating the habit of looking natural also helps to prevent the risk of using much makeup. i.e (Breakouts,Allergies,Skin dryness/oiliness, Skin inflammation,Eye infection e.t.c)

The use of makeup might seem like the easier way to look beautiful but achieving a naturally beautiful look does not also take much effort but consistency.

. Staying hydrated always

Staying hydrated is one of the magic of looking healthy. It is essential to drink at least 3 liters of water a day. There are lots of advantages of drinking water but some are listed below.

– It helps to prevent dryness of the skin

-It flushes toxins from the body

-It gives an even tone

-it prevents acne e.t.c.

. Perfect your grooming

Maintaining personal cleanliness, neat and well trimmed nails and hair also enhance your natural look.

. Confident smile and posture

A confident smile also goes a long way in making you look attractive and the way you carry yourself can also add to your natural allure.

. Embrace your flaws/insecurities

Embracing your scars, freckles, dimples, gap teeth, hip dip e.t.c can also make you more attractive. Remember true beauty comes from within.

. The beauty of sleep

A good night rest leaves you looking radiant and relaxed, it also helps you 

To stay at a healthy weight.

. Fragrance

A pleasant smell is also a plus, Find a fragrance that suits your personality and makes you feel good.

. Focus on your outfit

An outfit can also contribute to your attractiveness. Wear outfits that make you look gorgeous and classy. Also wear clothes that compliment your skin well.

. Focus on your health

A sick body cannot give out a healthy appearance without proper maintenance. Go for general check ups and always know your health status.

. Maintain a healthy eating habit

Eating healthy food and fruits also goes a long way in your appearance.

.Self love

Finally remember that self love is the key to true beauty. Your mindset and how you feel about yourself is essential for your true beauty.

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